Female General Eldest Princess

Author: 请君莫笑 (Please Don’t Laugh)
Translated by: meltsmelts @ twitter
Edited by: iceiclesified @ twitter

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To live on in this turbulent world, to take revenge for her family, to seek justice for her entire village of a hundred and eighteen people who had their lives cut short, Lin Wanyue took the name of her younger twin brother Lin Feixing to enlist in the military, vowing to kill every single Hun under the sky.

The Empress has passed into heaven, leaving the sixteen year old Eldest Princess and eight year old Crown Prince to depend on each other for survival.

The other Seigniors who were older than the Crown Prince look upon the royal seat with ravenous eyes, the position of these two siblings are in a precarious situation.

A crossdressing General and a strategic all-knowing Eldest Princess, drama, slow burn, romance, military, palace struggle, schemes, revenge, Happy Ending

Main story: 167 chapters
Extras: 16 chapters

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